FCPSOn Computers

September 10, 2018

As students pickup and use their FCPSOn devices this year we wanted to provide you the parents with a few resources. Resources are available below via hyperlink, on our school website

Digital Citizenship Parent flyer

FCPSOn Device Information

FMS FCPSOn Device Videos (Youtube playlist)

Known issues that FCPS is trying to fix:

  1. Wifi – This is a known issue and the county is working with Microsoft and has been for 3 weeks.  We are currently unable to fix student or teacher laptops with this issue.
  2. Natural Reader – Many students do not have “my applications” folder on their computers which houses natural reader.  This, too, is a known issue and something FCPS is working on. 
  3. Batteries – The county has computer batteries on back order and we are just waiting at this point.  So, if students are having issues they will just need to plug in and as soon as we get more we will let you know.