FCPSOn Student Laptop Collection: June 2021

FCPSOn Laptop Collection: June 2021

Please review this information detailing our plan for collecting student laptops. 

  • Laptop Return for In-person students

    • Laptop collection will take place during 5th and 6th period lunch periods on June 9th and 10th, respectively. 
    • If a student is unable to turn in their device on the 9th or 10th, they will have the opportunity on June 11th.
    • If unable to take advantage of in-person collection opportunities, June 14th: 9am to 3pm Curbside Collection is available
  • Laptop Return for Virtual students

    • If attending the End of Year Celebration on June 7th, virtual students who have an alternate means of attending virtual classes may return laptops to the FCPSON room during the celebration. 
    • June 14th: 9am to 3pm curbside collection

June 15th and 16th: Dropoff by appointment. Link coming soon.

Prior to returning your laptop: 

  • Remove all personal stickers and decals. 
  • Clean device to the best of your ability. 
  • Have this information attached to your laptop:
    • Full Name
    • Student ID number
  • Have your charger and carrying case ready to turn in with your laptop. Please wrap your charger to the best of your ability. 

Please email Mr. Les Jones gljones1@fcps.edu if you have any questions.