Role of the School Health Services staff

April 27, 2018

The School Health Services Program is an extension of the Fairfax County Health Department. School Health Services staff and other Health Department employees work together to:

School Health Aides (SHAs) and Public Health Nurses (PHNs) are Fairfax County Health Department employees who work with Fairfax County Public Schools staff. Together, they promote a safe and healthy educational environment by providing health support services in the school setting.

Please contact the School Public Health Nurse with any health concerns for your child

School Health Aide: Mrs. Donna Long                                 Contact number: (703) 904-5110  

School Public Health Nurse: Ms. Phoebe Zuo, RN            Email:

School Health Aides…

  • Are trained paraprofessionals assigned to work in the Fairfax County Public Schools school health rooms during school hours.
  • Provide care of illness or injury that occur during school hours based on standard protocols and guidelines.
  • Help to ensure students take medications appropriately.
  • Coordinate mandated vision and hearing health screenings for students.
  • Respond to health emergencies.
  • Monitor student absence data.

Public Health Nurses…

  • Assess students by reviewing the information provided by parents.
  • Coordinates care and if indicated, develops individual care plans to support the student with a health condition during the educational day.
  • Train teachers, administrators and other school staff to support individual student health needs.
  • Develop and implement health promotion and disease prevention programs to educate the school community about public health concerns such as nutrition, fitness, chronic disease and emotional well-being.
  • Supervise, train and work closely with School Health Aides in multiple schools.
  • Investigate reports of communicable disease and increased absences in schools.