SOLs and FCPSOn Student Laptops

January 24, 2018

Franklin Community,

SOL season is quickly approaching and with being an FCPSOn school all students this year will be testing on the FCPSOn student laptops.  Here are a few things that students and parents need to do an be aware of prior to testing to make sure that it continues to be a success :

  • While in school, students should restart each Tuesday and shutdown each Friday during Learning Seminar.  This will ensure that computers don’t go into update mode during SOL testing.
  • Bring your charger each day to school, especially during SOL testing.  Computers used for SOL testing must be plugged in per VDOE regulations.
  • If your computer needs to be fixed, please bring it to the Help Desk as soon as possible to ensure it gets returned in time for SOL testing.
  • Make sure the student’s name is on the FCPSOn computer, charger, and bag in case it gets misplaced.
  • If students have changed the FCPSOn default screensaver, please either change it back, set it to never, or come to the help desk for assistance.         
  • Finally, when not in use, computers should be shut down each day and over extended breaks to maintain battery life and prevent overheating.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel call Franklin MS front office.