Concert Orchestra Students Earn Excellent Score at State Assessment

By Ms. Bradner
March 31, 2022

Each year, music students throughout Virginia prepare for State Concert Assessment.  In addition to being judged on a full concert of three pieces, they put their musical knowledge, teamwork, and problem solving skills to the test by playing a piece of music they have never seen before.

Over the past few weeks our Franklin music students have traveled across Fairfax County and even as far as Arlington to participate in our annual Virginia State Music Performance Assessment.  Ensembles are judged by professional musicians on skills such as technique, rhythmic accuracy, balance, and musicality as well as on their ability to read, learn, and perform new music.  Each skill is given an individual grade, A through F, and averaged to determine a score from each of four judges.  These overall scores are again averaged to determine overall scores ranging I to V.

After months of hard work, snow days, rescheduling, and a couple of last minute travel arrangements, the scores are in.  We are proud to say that all Franklin Middle School music ensembles received scores of either an Excellent (II) or Superior (I) on their performances!  Be sure to offer your congratulations to any music students you may see, and wish us luck as we prepare for our Music Department Spring Trip to Busch Gardens.  Let’s go Falcon Music!!

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