Information about the health clinic at Franklin

Public Health Nurse

Carmen Gant | 703-904-5135 | c[email protected]

School Health Aide

Donna McAllister Long | 703-904-5110 | @email

The clinic is responsible for ensuring that your child receives medication safely during the school day. 

School Health Services

Student Health at Franklin

  1. All medications require a completed Medication Authorization Form. This includes medications approved and prescribed to be hand-carried by the student.
    • All medications and corresponding authorization forms must be checked carefully for compliance with FCPS policy. Please plan on waiting for this check to be done before you leave so that any corrections needed can be addressed with you immediately.
    • Medications with authorization forms can be received in the clinic from 7:15am-2:15 p.m.
    • Please be alert to medication expiration dates. If possible, medications should not expire during the SY. If a medication is due to expire, you will be notified by phone that it needs to be renewed within two weeks prior to the expiration date.
  2. Parents/guardians must transport all prescription and OTC medication to and from the clinic.
  3. All medications must be received in the clinic in original containers and with completed medication authorization forms. Prescription medication containers should be labeled and dated by the pharmacist. OTC medication containers should have the name of the medication visible and labeled by the parent with students name, exact dose to be taken in school, and the frequency/time interval medication is to be given. Siblings may not share any medication bottles.
  4. All Medication forms must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.
    • Medication Authorization Form
      • Part I must be completed and signed by parent/guardian.
      • Part II must be completed and signed by a physician for all prescribed medications.
      • Part II may be completed by parents ONLY for over-the-counter (OTC) medications for treatment of a headache, muscle ache, orthodontic pain, or menstrual cramps. OTC medications to relieve any other symptoms or ailments must be completed by a physician.
    • Epinephrine Authorization form
    • Inhaler Authorization form
    • Health Information form