School Supply List

Tools for Success

Franklin Middle School Supply List 2020-21

Computer Items

Earbuds / Headphones with Microphone

  • Families have the option to purchase a school-approved laptop case to avoid costs for any potential damages or loss to a school-issued laptop case. The school-approved option will protect the FCPSOn laptop.

  • Be sure to have your student bring the purchased laptop case to computer pick-up

  • Students will be issued an FCPSOn laptop computer, charger, and laptop case for instructional use throughout the school year. Students are responsible for the condition of all FCPSOn equipment and are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged items.                                

School Supplies (Parent Provided)

Colored Pencils (12 Pack)

Composition Book (1)

Earbuds, with microphone

Graph paper


Laptop (provided by FCPS)

Pencil Sharpener, small


Pens: Blue, Black, and Red ball point pens

Post-It Notes 3x3 (2 packs)



Spiral notebook for classes that note taking

is required or needed by the student

White Board w/ Dry erase markers (small)


Electives classes may provide additional supplies to complete class required tasks.

More details will follow after school begins for individual classes.