Advanced Academic Program (AAP)

AAP Philosophy

What educators and psychologists recognize as giftedness in children is really potential giftedness, which denotes promise rather than fulfillment, and probabilities rather than certainties about future accomplishments.

…depends much on the match between a child’s budding talents and the kinds of nurturance provided.

- Dr. Harry Passow, 1985

We are committed to...

  • Providing challenging learning experiences that build on individual strengths and optimize academic potential.  meeting the needs and developing the potential of advanced learners through a continuum of advanced academic services.


  • Peer relationships are one of the primary drivers for adolescent engagement
  • Peer relationships cement existing relationships and help forge new ones
  • The transition platform preparation for honors/ IB/ AP coursework
  • Identify with pyramid high school
  • Connections to high school electives, sports, and activities/ clubs

Middle School Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

Fairfax County Public Schools provides a continuum of advanced academic services at the middle school level. Services provided to middle school students include Young Scholars, Honors classes, Level IV services, and the International Baccalaureate® (IB)

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