Franklin Middle School Parent and Student Resources

Information and resources available to our students and parents.

Student Resources

All students are provided with secure accounts for computer resource use as well as FCPS Blackboard 24/7, FCPS Google SuiteStudent Information System and gradebook. Student account information is provided by the school.

On-Line Database Resources

This collection of educational online databases and eBooks are available to all FCPS students and staff.
Online Resources

Online Textbooks

FCPS uses online textbooks for some of their courses.
Read more about FCPS online textbooks

Parent Resources


Franklin is part of Region 5

Parent Teacher Association

View our PTA website for more information. 

Social Work and Support Services

School social workers focus on family and community factors that influence learning. They provide intensive services for students facing issues that pose risks to their academic success such as parent divorce and separation, grief, poverty, truancy, chronic illness, mental health problems, conduct problems, child abuse, etc.

Contact our school social workers if you need help finding affordable lunch for your children, food, holiday meals, clothing, school supplies, and eye glasses. They can also help your children maintain stability at school, should your family lose your stable housing. A federal law protects your children’s right to attend their same school even if your family loses stable housing. See an Overview of FCPS School Social Work Services. Our school social work is Elyse Brunais and can be reached at

School Psychology Services

School psychologists are mental health specialists with knowledge of child development, the psychology of learning, behavior management and intervention, monitoring progress of students, and program evaluation. See an Overview of FCPS School Psychology Services.  Our school Psychologist is Cara Gottheim and can be reached at

FCPS Office Of Special Services

The Office of Special Education Instruction directs and supports the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of Pre K–12 educational programs, curricula, and services that meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.

Parent Liaison

Each school has a Parent Liaison who helps address family needs. The Parent Liaison Information page has more details. Our Parent Liaisons is Cecilia Goldstein. She can be reached at

Family Engagement Information

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