Celebrating Officer Smith on National SRO Appreciation Day

February 15, 2023

Meet Officer Smith

How long have you been a police officer?

I have been a police officer for 22 years in Fairfax County. During that time, I've been a patrol officer, crime scene detective, and now I'm an SRO. 

Why did you become a police officer?

Initially, I wanted to be an anthropologist but law enforcement is really the study of human nature and responding to it. I like helping people. I have an outgoing personality. People are looking for someone to help them and I love it! 

What is it like to be a School Resource Officer in a middle school?

It’s refreshing. It’s a change of pace. I have a lot of responsibilities that are not focused on law enforcement. It’s more guidance and being here for the students. 

What is your favorite part about working at Franklin?

It’s like a small town here. I can recognize everyone and get to know kids and the staff on a personal level.