Jannine's Day

A Day for Fun and Rememberance

June 23, 2017
a photo of Jannine Pairsi
Jannine Pairsi

Mrs. Parisi was an 8-year member of the Franklin Health and Physical Education staff before her life was taken on November 20, 2013. She was a loving parent, family member, spouse, teacher and friend. Mrs. Parisi loved working with middle school children and cared deeply for the Franklin community. She believed that physical activity and happiness work hand-in -hand and was someone who believed in teamwork.  

Today, our students showed great spirit as they challenged themselves and their teammates during our field day activities. What was most rewarding was to witness them act like "kids" and show the levels of cooperation toward others that we've come to expect all year.

All of this was made possible through the passionate efforts of our Health & Physical Education teachers: Mapp Young, Katie Cusson, Jen McFeely, Bryan Molle, and Mike Formhals.

This event was a success and honored someone special who was all about kids.

Pictures from Jannine's Day Event