Student Engineers Build Rubber Band Cars

By Sheri Ruffle
April 29, 2022

To enhance their study of energy and friction, Ms. Hills' science class built and raced rubber band powered cars.  They worked from plans in the book Amazing Rubber Band Cars by Mike Rigsby.  Corrugated cardboard, glue, pencils and rubber bands were the only materials needed. 

The students persevered through a challenging process: tracing templates, cutting cardboard car parts including wheels, and assembling the cars.  Students creatively named and decorated their cars.  Once the glue dried, the students added the rubber band "motors" and were ready for race day. 

Despite a number of trials and varying results, the students were proud of their cars and their work.  No matter who won or lost the races, all were learning and engaged in the process.  Special thanks for support from Mr. Polhemus, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Talbot, Ms. Nayak, Ms. Scoffone, and Mrs. Ruffle.