After School Program

Franklin After School Program (FASP) Overview

  • Franklin Middle School is committed to promoting active participation in extracurricular activities to support the academic mission and enrich the lives of students. Students that engage in these programs are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards school, achieve full academic potential, and become productive citizens. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between their instructional studies, after-school activities, and other outside interests.
  • All clubs are open to all students regardless of sex, race, or ability. The After-School Program is free of charge (the Bowling Club requires a nominal fee to cover the cost of shoes and two games). We encourage parents with concerns over whether their child would be successful in a certain club to call and talk with the After School Specialist about those concerns.
  • Participants should report to the cafeteria by 2:20 p.m. A list of students staying after school for an approved extracurricular activity will be sent to the attendance officer.
  • FASP is free of charge to all Franklin students who want to participate. Please note that some activities/clubs may require a small fee (i.e., bowling).
  • FASP is a mixture of academics, sports and social clubs and activities. Students may participate in as many activities/clubs as they like as long as they don’t meet at the same time on the same day.
  • FASP runs Monday through Friday. On late bus days, there will be two activity blocks that are an hour long each. Students may leave after the first block if they are picked up by a parent. Late buses will depart at the conclusion of the second block. If a student is catching the late bus, they must participate in both a first and second block activity. Franklin will offer various activities for students needing to take the late bus who are not participating in two activities/clubs.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students should contact the activity sponsor for a schedule of events related to their program. All required schedule adjustments will be noted during morning announcements and/or lunch period announcements. Students are reminded to make prior arrangements with their teacher and notify parents (24 hours) before staying after school for academic assistance. Students are not permitted to exit the building prior to reporting for an after-school activity. If students are present on the bus ramp or in the kiss and ride area at the regular departure time, they will be expected to proceed home in the established timely manner. Participants should report to the activity sponsor by 3:00 p.m. and a list of students staying after school for an approved extracurricular activity will be sent to the attendance officer. Only these students will receive late bus transportation. Students attempting to board late buses without such approval will be subject to disciplinary action.

Activity Priority

  • After school programs are scheduled every day of the week to help alleviate potential conflicts and allow students an opportunity to access a broader range of offerings. If a conflict exists, students should honor their commitment for academic assistance in their core or high school credited subjects (math, science, social studies, English, or foreign language) followed by assigned detentions, assistance in other subject areas, and then enrichment programs. If conflicts regarding as assigned detention cannot be resolved within a two week period, teachers should contact their grade level administrator for assistance.

Late Buses

  • Fairfax County Transportation Services provide late buses to Franklin. Currently, late buses are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 4:45 p.m.